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Deutsch für Anfanger - German for Beginners, was displayed simultaneously in several global locations. 3D sculptures of human-scale capital letters, link to words and their German cultural meaning. The catalogue design sought to deliver a context and a learning experience and an attention to the graphic qualities of the font and its spatial positioning.

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The letters and their matching words are presented in the exhibition space, some containing interactive elements for the visitors to engage with, such as screens, games and videos.

Exhibition space: The letter X: X for U (a german phrase);

The letter U: Umweltschütz (invironment protection)

The Letter R: Religion


During the designing process of this exhibition's catalogue, we were less interested in focusing on the physical aspect of the exhibition and more curious to experiment with re-presenting the letters in a printed medium, so that they can reserve their function, as well be seen in a new light, which is only possible in print.

Working with only a few pictures presented a real challenge, as they did not always capture the letters in an identical angle.

After a few trials it was clear that the idea might have a strong concept, but the final result does not match the clean and coherent language both I and my colleagues at Goethe wished to deliver. But from this experiment, a new idea was born, along with the opportunity of taking care of the small letters in this exhibition.

Sticking to the original color of the letter, I created the whole alphabet in in this style.

Having a bilingual catalogue (German & Hebrew) was the perfect opportunity to display both cases of letters in both pages facing one another.

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