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Design Statement


"That day when I burned your cake, twice"

Mistakes produce some of the most original ideas, and when they fail to happen, shaking the page to find what comes out is a worthy practice. I keep my working  process  both consistent and experimental.

“The answer is how”

Graphic design, illustration and photography are my prominent tools as an interdisciplinary artist.

As a designer, it is my responsibility to recognise which medium the project requires and take it from there.

"When the rain outside sounds like John Bonham playing Mobi Dick”

Thinking outside the box is an acquired skill. 10 years of working as a designer have taught me that in many cases original ideas tend to reflect back from from the ordinary. Thinking  outside the box is great, but I like to take time to discover the beauty of its corners.

“By the time she finally spoke,
an ambulance drove by”

This hyper visual era we live in makes effective visibility a true challenge. Designing with simplicity will state your message clearer and louder.

"Not your pretty thing"

Design to me is far from doing beautiful things. Colours, patterns and textures are the result of a creative exploration, often a joint process which elevates the values of the product to the surface.

Now we can begin.

Projects by Category

Film Press Kit

Pink Suede Shoes

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