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While researching after photographic elements that will match our concept, one of us brought up the name Amit Herman, a photographer who did a project which deals with the theme we are developing.

Herman, an architecture photographer, was exhibiting at the time a stunning photo series of mirrored trees

Paula Bianco is designer Smadar-Pola Azriel's high fashion jewelry label. Sold throughout Europe her work features high-end craft and elegant design.

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For the winter 2012 catalogue, Black Bird, we teamed up with art director Sharon Dobjinsky, to create a conceptual booklet which will be the foundation for a bigger campaign to come. 

We explored the darkly mystical character of the collection in images of dark forests to suggest the subconscious mind.

We started with Rorschach blots which became the leading design element.

We incorporated the architectural photographic work of Amit Herman, whose images resonated with our mystical and mysterious aesthetic

The monochrome palette was the primary concept of the catalogue

Selected spreads

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